Say hello to our Leadership Team at The Gathering Church

Meet Our Leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at The Gathering Church. Got questions for us? Contact us by clicking here.

Ray Brown | Lead

Ray Brown and his lovely wife Nancy stepped out with a vision and launched the church in January of 2009.

April Harris | Restore Outreach Admin Lead

April Harris helped launch The Gathering in 2009. She oversees and leads the Ladies Ministry, administrative teams, Restore Outreach, and is an all-around GTD (Get Things Done) Pastor.

Tony Metcalf | Saturday Gathering Lead

Tony Metcalf joined The Gathering Church team in 2009 and currently serves as Pastor of our Saturday Gathering service. Tony serves day to day as the Director of Churches Embracing Offenders, a local non-profit who's mission is to help offenders get connected within faith communities and in turn learn different ways of living with the goal of curbing recidivism. Tony also serves on the board of Judge Trockman's Drug Court.

Dallas Majewski | Lead Elder and Baptism Next Steps Class

Dallas Majewski serves on the The Gathering leadership team and leads the next steps: baptism class. Dallas is the Director of Disciples of Christ Ministries, serves on the board of Brothers Keeper, and Evansville's Drug Court.

Meet our new Family Pastors\Todd and Stephanie Morgan

The Leads of Family Ministries is the advocate for the generations of the church and will oversee the structures and atmosphere of the church to ensure that the family of God is working together to make disciples of the next generation. The Family Lead will oversee the Children's Ministry for growth, connection, and discipleship. To secure a fresh new volunteer team. Also, to lead the Junior High and High School students for growth and personal connection. Lastly, to connect with all parent/s for the stability, and spiritual growth with discipleship. Allowing all to see that all ages have a vital place within the development of the church.